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Of Milford Zornes

Becoming an Artist

When I was sixteen or seventeen years old I was in the habit of drawing but I had no thought or intention of becoming an artist. I thought about travel and exploration and I was obsessed by the lure of far away places. The further away and more remote the better.
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A Lifetime of Painting on Location

“I could not claim to have painted great watercolors on location. That would be a matter of opinion. But I am sure that I have painted many of my best ones that way because the adventure of that brief hour or two, entranced by a scene or a dramatic gesture of nature, an effect or mood or form is what I look for.
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Demand to See

I first heard of Macular Degeneration six years ago when at age of 80 I was told by my ophthalmologist that I was developing that age related sight impairment. My introduction to it was not gentle. It was a routine eye check up. The Doctor simply said that he had good and bad news for me. I asked what the good news was. He told that I probably would not go completely blind. “Thanks” I said, “what is the bad news?”
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Dixon Mural

In 1945 or 1946 noted American artist Maynard Dixon was approached by the Santa Fe Railroad to do a mural for the railroad station in Los Angeles. Recent information suggests this was only part of the story.
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WWII Through the Portraits of Milford Zornes

When Milford Zornes passed away in 2008 he left behind a wonderful collection of material about his WWII experience in China, Burma and India (CBI). Most importantly he left behind 40 to 50 portraits of soldiers.
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