California Coast

1965 Oil Milford Zornes

Cambria, California

1992 Oil Milford Zornes

California Coast

1970 Oil Milford Zornes NA

Cambria Coast

1997 Oil Milford Zornes

Canyon de Chelly

1985 Oil Milford Zornes

From the Journal of Milford Zornes

When I was sixteen or seventeen years old, I was in the habit of drawing, but I had no thought or intention of becoming an artist. I thought about travel and exploration, and I was obsessed by the lure of far away places. The further away and more remote the better.

The Art of Milford Zornes

While primarily known as a watercolorist, Milford Zornes painted numerous oils over his long and successful art career. Zornes painted several of his oils with a thin texture allowing him to approach his oils in somewhat the same way he approached his watercolors. However, many of his oils are thick and rich with color expressing the same vibrant feeling as with his watercolors. The number of oils remaining is few but here are some of my favorites.


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Milford Zornes – American Artist 1908 – 2008

Milford Zornes

About the Artist

Milford Zornes was recognized as a leader in the California Style watercolor movement which began in the early 1930’s. Zornes’ style differed from the traditional use of watercolors in which color was added to detailed pencil drawings. His work is characterized by the application of transparent washes of color to large sheets of paper, allowing the white to show through and define shapes.

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Zornes’ paintings are represented in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the White House, and the Library of Congress Collection. He also created New Deal murals for post offices in his hometown of Claremont, California and in El Campo, Texas. In 1942, while a teacher at the Otis Art Institute, Zornes directed the painting of a fresco at the Ramona Bowl amphitheater in Hemet, California.

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