California Landscape

Of Milford Zornes

California Landscape

Painted in 1982 as an art demonstration at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, California. This mural is notable in that it is thirty five feet long by 4 feet high, painted on a single sheet of watercolor paper and adhered to a sheet of aluminum. Once completed, it was on view until the closing of the Fair then rolled up and transported to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah and placed on exhibit along with other works by Milford Zornes.


Photo Provided by Gene Sasse

At the completion of the show in Utah, it was once again rolled up and transported back to California and to the Claremont Gallery of Barbara Beretich. The mural was then purchased by a Dr. Tonnemacher who, finding it too large for his home donated it to Harvey Mudd College in Claremont. Today it graces the Student Lounge.

It took three years for Hal and Maria (Zornes) Baker to trace the history of the mural as it had been “lost” to the art community. As of 2016, Tony Sheets, son of Millard Sheets made some minor repairs to the mural and Nick Brown created a new frame, bringing the mural back to its full beauty. We now are pleased to “re-introduce” the mural and share it with the public.

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